Google Map Maker

An article on the usefulness of Google Map Maker data in disaster relief ( It is very useful data and at MapAction we’ve used GMMdata very often when in countries with little or no base mapping data. We also use OpenStreetMap data too. It would be really great if Google allowed the data user created to be shared with OpenStreetMap ( then a ‘best’ dataset could be used and distributed to the benefit of disaster relief and humanitarian efforts. Will this ever happen? Probably not. What do you think? Which is better – OSM or GMM? Last year Muki Hakley did a comparison of GMM data compared to OSM for Haiti (image below). See Muki’s blog for more about the comparison (


What is NoGIS? It’s a bit like NoSQL probably for the geospatial world. This article ( attempts to decipher the meaning. I agree that the NoGIS term can definitely be applied to the web mapping world….with so much Neogeography (that term is know very old hat I know) embracing typically everything apart from GIS to create web maps and the like. Look at any number of currently popular web mapping sites and web mash-ups…and how many sites started life in a GIS? Not many I bet.
BTW – NoGIS is the name of an event upcoming on April 6th 2011 in San Francisco. 
Please post a comment if you’re going / have been to the NoGIS event. I’m keen to learn more!