ESRI User Conference 2011 Wordle

I thought I’d have a look at producing a Wordle of the ESRI User Conference Tweets. Here are my results thanks to Wordle! …..I would have liked to create this for a larger number of tweets but in the end I’ve gone with 30 minutes of tweets. Hope you like it! (perhaps next time I’ll get rid of words such as to,of,you etc.)


ESRI UC Plenary Session

source: ESRI Inc. 

So, as promised, I’ve been watching the tweets on #ESRIUC and can reveal the following from the ESRI User Conference plenary session:

  1. Jack Dangermond announces acquisition of Procedural (a 3D modelling / animation firm behind Pixars Cars)  – source: kennethfield
  2. ArcGIS Server 10.1 has support for web printing – source GISTweet
  3. Drag and drop spreadsheets and CSVs into ArcGIS Online  – soruce various
  4. ESRI Home edition for $100 – source various
  5. How (un?)usable is ArcGIS Online – source cageyjames
  6. Jack Dangermond: “GIS certification is a benchmark of your skills” – source shannonhwhite
  7. some case study presentations on different local government developed applications (Boston, Pasadena etc.)….see the video link below for more info.
  8. ArcGIS Runtime – only detail I can find on this is from ESRI Australia
  9. ArcGIS 10.1 has native support for LiDAR – source JoeFrancica
  10. Emphasis on making ArcGIS look similar across all platforms – Windows, iOS etc.

Notably there was no news (as far as I could see) on the future of ArcSDE.

It’s very difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff on the tweets (I’ll try and get some tweet stats in here). ESRI – you really need to get the plenary session online live next year! However, by the end of the day a good move and the videos from the plenary session are now online. Live streaming would have been better though!

Perhaps must useful was Jack Dangermond’s presentation at the ESRI Senior Excutive Seminar from Sunday. Some telling words!

Sources: Twitter, ESRI, and James Fee for a minute-by-minute account of the days proceedings.  

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ESRI User Conference 2011

The big news this week in GIS is that the ESRI User Conference is taking place in San Diego, California (from 11-15 July). Unfortunately this year I can’t make it. I was there last year and it’s a fantastic event. I thought I’d try to keep up-to-date with what’s happening this year even though I can’t be there. So here’s a round of news from the event so far…..

Actually before the main event kicks off the ESRI Education User Conference started (it runs from 9-12 July). Adena at Directions Mag gives a great overview of the big ideas from the plenary session (something I didn’t know – Ken Field joined ESRI back in April!). I definitely agree that there is confusion between ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Explorer Online! ESRI (esri) please come up with some more straight-forward product names!

A look at the latest tweets from the ESRI UC reveals some interesting info. In terms of conference attendee stats, a tweet from @VKouyoumjian reveals there will be some 13,000 people at the event this year.  @MartenHogeweg links to an esri-made interactive map where you can suggest place to eat, drink, shop and sight-see. There are a whole host of other tweets from US geo-people who are going to be there. Let me know if you’re from the UK and are there! Meanwhile the latest Google News on ESRIUC reveals a number of press releases from companies/organisations attending the event including FME, Blue Marble, Abu Dhabi Government, etc.

A look at Flickr isn’t showing much so far (lots of photos of one of the SDCC staff for some reason!). I imagine the photos will fill up by the end of the week. 

Looking at the ESRI UC agenda I can see tomorrow will be a big day with the plenary. I imagine there will be lots of talk about ArcGIS 10.1. and more on new additions to ArcGIS Explorer Online and ArcGIS Online. Already mentioned is the new drag-and-drop functionality in ArcGIS Online. Perhaps too some clarification on spatial databases in 10.1. Do we need ArcSDE anymore?

Are you at the ESRI UC? Please tell me what you think of it. Is it your first time?

Also if you aren’t there but want to stay up-to-date with what’s going on, stay tuned to my site for more news on the event throughout this week.

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TomTom Mappy partnership / Google Maps for Android

TomTom have licensed their traffic data to Mappy (the French online mapping company). When will we see the TomTom collected speed cameras data being licensed to 3rd-party companies? Surely only a matter of time?
Source: TomTom press release

Google Maps for Android 5.7 now includes routing (or transit navigation in google-speak. Is this another step towards the end of the sat-nav perhaps?). You can see more about it in this video.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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Uk Broadband Speeds / UK Land Cover Map

I received two bits of news about UK mapping which caught my interest today. The first was the UK Broadband Speeds Map made by Ofcom (regulator of communications industry in the UK). The map has a nice transparency for the layer of administrative areas coloured by rank of broadband speed. It also makes use of Google Fusion tables – something I’ve been meaning to look at more myself. There is the promise of a more detailed map later this year. Watch this space!

(source: Ofcom)

Next up is news from the Guardian Environment blog of the UK Land Cover map by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH). This isn’t actually that new a dataset. The name of the dataset is LCM2007. And invery last minute news you can register for a web seminar (webinar) about the creation of LCM2007 and potential uses for it. The webinar starts at 11am (British Summer Time (GMT+1) on Thursday 7th July. Click here to register!

(source: Guardian Environment Blog and CEH Website)

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Draw and Map London….&….Interactive small business map

Draw and Map London
I just came across the Draw and Map London event happening in London this week. Illustrator Joanna Walsh is collating hand-drawn maps on London. As the Londonist website says: “Simply email your map to by the end of 7 July, to be considered. Joanna will then assemble entries into a monster representation of the city in front of the Aviva Tower on 8 July.” That gives you 2 days to make a map! The Londonist website has done something on hand-drawn maps of London previously, in conjunction with the Museum of London, forming part of the Hand-drawn London exhibition running until the 11th September, at the museum. I’ve alerted the London Mapping Festival crew about these events. Let me know if you are going to either of them. I’ll try to be at the Aviva Tower on Friday the 8th.

A hand-drawn maps which is part of the Hand-drawn London exhibition(source: Londonist)

Update: see here for my own hand-drawn  (very-blurry as picture taken with a mobile phone!) map of London. Note – it was drawn in less than 3 minutes!


Interactive small business map for (part of) London
I found on the Evening Standard website some news about work done by Kensington and Chelsea Council which provides an interactive map of shops around the borough. The news article doesn’t provide a link to the map though and I can’t find it on the Council website. Let me know if you’ve seen it in action or even used it out on the street. I’d be interested to know how useful you think the application is.

A picture of 2 ladies and a iPad (in the absense of any other pictures of the mapping application!) (source: Evening Standard)

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