w3g from afar

w3g is looking like a great (un)conference this year. Some things I’ve learnt from the twitterstream (#w3g) are:
1. the MapIt Global API from MySociety which allows you to determine which admin boundary a point is in anywhere in the world! – via @mysociety
2. a fantastic web map of the BBC Price of Football 2012 survey – thanks to @roberto_murray
3. some more info about OS Open Data from @ian_holt. …. Over half a million downloads of Ordnance survey data. Over 8000 datasets on http://data.gov.uk
4. to be continued…………

what’s hot?

(image: Some rights reserved by benwatts)
I’ve added a page to this website on hot topics in the geospatial world. ┬áIn the past few weeks the news has been covered with Apple’s new iOS6 and the maps application. The general consensus is that Apple’s maps will get better but slowly. Perhaps they need a method of getting back user feedback on poor quality areas e.g. like Tom Tom’s map share feature. To stay up to date with what’s going on click on the hot tab above or go here. And let us know what you think too!