Sunday = the day we ride 100 miles!…

This Sunday myself, Luke and Ant are cycling the Prudential London-Surrey 100 for MapAction. MapAction is the disaster mapping charity which we three volunteer for*. MapAction respond to disasters worldwide and provide a common operational picture which helps bring resources to those who need them most. I’ve not had as much time recently to be able to help MapAction so was really happy to be one of those chosen to represent MapAction on the Ride 100.

So, I’ve been trying to put in some training but kind of feel a little bit under-prepared! (I’ve managed a 30 mile, 70 mile and 40 mile ride in the last few weeks but would have liked to do more). What has helped me is the loan of my work-mate’s bike – thank you Paddy! This is a sportive/road bike which is 1 million times faster than my hybrid! It has clip in pedals and is nice and light too.

In terms of nutrition I’m planning to take some Belvita breakfast biscuits (they seem to be working on my practice rides!) and jelly babies. And then there are all sorts of gels and things (but I’ve heard of the side-effects so I’ll probably steer clear of those!).

I’ve been speaking to some of the MAMILs in the office and they’ve given me some advice:
1. ride at your own pace
2. get enough food on board
3. keep up with a pack of people
4. don’t start off too fast
5. enjoy it!

All good bits of advice – apart from the slightly conflicting points 1 and 3. I hope that we all enjoy it and I’m sure we will. 24,000 people cycling on the car-free streets of London and Surrey sounds amazing! (I guess cycling in Scotland or Lancashire would be better but it’ll have to do!).

So, 4 and a bit days to go!…..I’m getting a bit nervous!

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