ESRI UC 2010 – Friday 16th July

Basemap design
Given by Wes and Charlie at ESRI this session talked about various interesting concepts in map design including the “map sandwich”! Within ArcGIS 10 basemap layers are now cached so where data does not change and is used as a reference then the Basemap layer should be used. Various case studies were then covered including the project (will be released as basemaps in ArcGIS in the autumn (fall)), World Topographic Basemaps and finally the census TIGER basemap project. A  key conclusion -basemaps underpin a new map paradigm and simplify mapping for non-GIS and GIS users.

Closing Session
After introductions, the map gallery awards were greeted by rounds of applause. Ken Field from Kingston University won at least 3 awards and most importantly won the best overall map. Well done Ken! His winning entry was “A World of Football” which must have confused at least half the audience – surely they’re used to football being played with oval balls and helmets.

Then came the questions – the first 5 from recordings. Alex from Informed Solutions, had a question about where ArcGIS is heading over the next 5 years. Scott Morehouse from ESRI answered about a move towards GIS being part of successful system implementations and lightweight and embedded GIS. ESRI’s beta programme will help to achieve this. For ESRI, their core aim is to advance Geographical Information Science.

Next questions, GIS on the Mac? No plans for this but energy is being put into developing for iOS. This has been seen in terms of the development for iPad and iPhone.

Question #3, on internet and GIS. Will continue to grow, as seen with the development of publishing and sharing maps on GIS should be the next internet!

Q #4: Will GIS converge to IT/IS? No definitely not. ESRI aiming for the other way round – GIS in everything!

A host of other queries from the audience – see here for the closing video

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