Cadcorp goes Fluent (the Ribbon Toolbar) ..when will ESRI?

Cadcorp (a UK based GIS and web mapping software company)┬áhas redesigned its software GUI using Microsoft Fluent Technology. See here for more details. Microsoft Fluent is the ribbon toolbar we’ve all grown to love (or hate!) in Microsoft Applications e.g. in MS Excel 2007. When will ESRI get on the case with Microsoft Fluent? Well they already have with ArcGIS Explorer. However it could be some time I think before we see the ribbon toolbar in ArcGIS Desktop. Perhaps version 11? Anyone from ESRI care to comment? When will we see the ribbon toolbar in ArcGIS Desktop?
UPDATE – more on the Cadcorp news at the GIM International site.

Cadcorp now uses Fluent Technology (aka the Ribbon Toolbar)

ESRI ArcGIS Explorer already contains the ribbon toolbar using Microsoft Fluent technology but when will the main product ESRI ArcGIS Desktop?


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