Draw and Map London….&….Interactive small business map

Draw and Map London
I just came across the Draw and Map London event happening in London this week. Illustrator Joanna Walsh is collating hand-drawn maps on London. As the Londonist website says: “Simply email your map to badaude@aol.com by the end of 7 July, to be considered. Joanna will then assemble entries into a monster representation of the city in front of the Aviva Tower on 8 July.” That gives you 2 days to make a map! The Londonist website has done something on hand-drawn maps of London previously, in conjunction with the Museum of London, forming part of the Hand-drawn London exhibition running until the 11th September, at the museum. I’ve alerted the London Mapping Festival crew about these events. Let me know if you are going to either of them. I’ll try to be at the Aviva Tower on Friday the 8th.

A hand-drawn maps which is part of the Hand-drawn London exhibition(source: Londonist)

Update: see here for my own hand-drawn  (very-blurry as picture taken with a mobile phone!) map of London. Note – it was drawn in less than 3 minutes!


Interactive small business map for (part of) London
I found on the Evening Standard website some news about work done by Kensington and Chelsea Council which provides an interactive map of shops around the borough. The news article doesn’t provide a link to the map though and I can’t find it on the Council website. Let me know if you’ve seen it in action or even used it out on the street. I’d be interested to know how useful you think the application is.

A picture of 2 ladies and a iPad (in the absense of any other pictures of the mapping application!) (source: Evening Standard)

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