ESRI UC Plenary Session

source: ESRI Inc. 

So, as promised, I’ve been watching the tweets on #ESRIUC and can reveal the following from the ESRI User Conference plenary session:

  1. Jack Dangermond announces acquisition of Procedural (a 3D modelling / animation firm behind Pixars Cars)  – source: kennethfield
  2. ArcGIS Server 10.1 has support for web printing – source GISTweet
  3. Drag and drop spreadsheets and CSVs into ArcGIS Online  – soruce various
  4. ESRI Home edition for $100 – source various
  5. How (un?)usable is ArcGIS Online – source cageyjames
  6. Jack Dangermond: “GIS certification is a benchmark of your skills” – source shannonhwhite
  7. some case study presentations on different local government developed applications (Boston, Pasadena etc.)….see the video link below for more info.
  8. ArcGIS Runtime – only detail I can find on this is from ESRI Australia
  9. ArcGIS 10.1 has native support for LiDAR – source JoeFrancica
  10. Emphasis on making ArcGIS look similar across all platforms – Windows, iOS etc.

Notably there was no news (as far as I could see) on the future of ArcSDE.

It’s very difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff on the tweets (I’ll try and get some tweet stats in here). ESRI – you really need to get the plenary session online live next year! However, by the end of the day a good move and the videos from the plenary session are now online. Live streaming would have been better though!

Perhaps must useful was Jack Dangermond’s presentation at the ESRI Senior Excutive Seminar from Sunday. Some telling words!

Sources: Twitter, ESRI, and James Fee for a minute-by-minute account of the days proceedings.  

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