London Riot Maps

Updated 09 Aug 2011 – 5pm – Guardian Google Map of Every verified incident

Updated 09 Aug 2011 9am – Google Map of UK Riots (picture below). Riots have now spread to other UK cities (Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool and Nottingham). Ridiculous!

Chaos in London at the moment as trouble hits the streets of Tottenham, Brixton and Hackney. What started as a peaceful demostration last Saturday has turned into petty vandalism and mindless looting – especially right now in Hackney. Here are some maps I’ve seen which show the ongoing situation.

Brixton incident map – (shown in image above)
Tottenham: timeline and map of violence –
And this Tottenham Riot Google Map

And an intersting article from The Guardian on whether the riots were fuelled by Twitter/Facebook/BBM. Conclusion is that BBM is most-culpable (it has free 1-to-many messages)

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