AGI GeoCommunity and w3gConf Wordles

I just attended w3gconf and AGI GeoCommunity 2011 (from Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd September) in Nottingham at the East Midlands Conference Centre.

Here are some Wordles from the Tweets at the event (#w3g for w3gConf and #geocom for GeoCommunity). I used to create these. You can make your own too!

The #w3g 2011 wordle – much tweets of @madprof plenary talk on opendata! Get it as a PDF.


The #geocom 2011 wordle (last 500 tweets only!) – it’s all about maps! Also a mention for INSPIRE too. Get it as a PDF.

Thanks to @stevenfeldman and @vicchi for creating the Tweet Docs which I based these wordles on.
– w3g –
– GeoCom –

Note – a more detailed post/report will follow on the 2 events but time is lacking right now.




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