ESRI UC 2010 – Tuesday 13th July

Introduction to ArcSDE – Oracle
A useful introduction to Oracle with some tips and tricks for set-up and administration. Within ArcSDE (not specific to Oracle) rasters can now be stored in a Raster column called ST_Raster. This enables SQL queries to be performed on rasters – useful for loading rasters and building pyramids.

What’s new in ArcGIS 10
Improvements to ArcGIS 10 including the following key points
– ArcCatalog now within ArcMap!
– Mapbooks inside ArcMap
– Python scripting in map interface
– Better raster analysis
– 3D editing and other 3D enhancements
– More intuitive editing environment
– Direct SQL access
– Attach documents within the File GDB
– – access user content
– Caching workflows
– Mobile – apps for iPad and iPhone
– caching for basemap layers

Planet Action Foundation
A SpotImage (and others) initiative to donate small amounts of imagery to non-profit organisations. Currently 350 projects and looking for more whilst wanting to move into training and education.

INSPIRE Fusion Center
An ESRI SDI solution for INSPIRE. Not well attended but looks like the option for INSPIRE related metadata collection in ESRI solutions. The data preparation required makes heavy use of Safe FME.
ArcGIS 10 – Map Automation and Scripting using Python
Makes use of ArcPy.Mapping. Enables the creation of mapbooks from 1 ArcMap MXD. Note that Python in the map environment is not seeking to replace ArcObjects. The map automation examples work on the principle of manually authoring the MXD layout in ArcMap and then using Python to automate repetitive tasks e.g. add text to multiple MXDs, find and replace text etc. Data driven pages.

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