ESRI UC 2010 – Wednesday 14th July

Advanced ArcPad and new in ArcPad 10
Use emulators for development – ability to share a folder on the desktop PC with the emulator. Multiple emulators can be run on a desktop PC e.g. Windows Mobile 5 Emulator, Windows Mobile 5 Emulator etc.
The key improvement with ArcPad 10 is AXF data file recovery…no more unobtainable data! You can now edit related table forms. Easier to use ArcPad studio and introduction of an expert mode. Improved map navigator and ability to customise.

GIS in disaster recovery
A user presentation by David Harms Holt, PhD on the use of GIS and mobile GIS to conduct a blight evaluation following Hurricane Katrina. Made use of the Flex API for data dissemination – more information here. Also a presentation on FEMA’s response to the same disaster.

Presenter resources
A very useful session where I could practise my presentation and get help from the staff. This is a really good idea and will also help to raise the overall standard of user presentations. This was the best set of user presentations I had seen at a GIS conference ….. however I learnt much more from the ESRI technical sessions!

What’s new in Arc GIS Server 10
Good 1 hour presentation into what’s new covering
– enhanced web mapping
– web 2.0 editing e.g. editing within JS, Silverlight and Flex APIs
– Amazon EC2 cloud services
– Server-based analysis
– – now anyone can create a web map!!!

ArcPad User Group meeting
Interesting 1 hour session with about 40 people from very different industries who all use ArcPad. Sal from LA county described their implementation of ArcPad for refuse services. Chad from Electronic Data Solutions described the use of their product Sentinel GIS for mosquito control by a number of agencies. Elvin Slavik gave his thoughts on the future of ArcPad which he describing as ever “evolving product” which he likened to a “toolbox of tools”.


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