ESRI UC 2010 – Thursday 15th July

ESRI’s use of standards
New metadata tools in ArcCatalog aim to provide auto-collection of metadata where possible. A new search tool looks pretty cool. Metadata now available for ArcMap and for tools in ArcToolbox.

Advanced cartography in PLTS
I didn’t stay long at this one but it went into use of cartographic representations and setting pre-configured cartographic rules.

Using GIS for conservation work
Steven Eglinton (a fellow UK citizen!) talked about his charity, GeoEnable, and their work on the Iracambi project. He raised the point that moving towards an always connected environment with the web and mobile comms etc. is all very well for developed countries but does not very well in the developing world. I completely agree – solutions need to match their intended users.

Best practice – deploying solutions in an enterprise environment
A very useful session promoting the idea of a conceptual reference architecture as, not only the system architecture, but as a road map for development. There should be a high-level diagram which is sufficient to allow people to understand what is going on, alongside a more complex “techy” diagram. The point was made that proper solution architecture is critical for success and overcoming business challenges. More info on tech architecture will appear on – note also that ESRI follow standard IT practices ….GIS isn’t a special case usually.

Mobile GIS applications
Presentation on mobile data capture in St Vincent and the Grenadines given by me! About 40 people attended – all from the US. I gave a live demo of the web GIS part of the system. A copy of the presentation can be found here. The second presentation in the session was given by Brain Winkey and Midge Bradley from Accela on “GIS-infused solutions”. Some interesting concepts and solutions which Accela have developed which make use of ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Server.

Using temporal Data in ArcGIS 10
There is improved temporal data management in ArcGIS 10. Hardeep and David from ESRI gave a good technical presentation and demonstration and issued the following points for best practice when working with time data in ArcGIS:
– use the DATE field
– Index the DATE field
– Always use UTC (or GMT) when working with time zones
– Make use of the time data conversion tools in ArcToolbox
– Make use of basemap layers

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