GeoSMS is here?!?!

GeoSMS is here. Read this news article from the India Times. Will this become a dead format or the future for locating people? You can also see the GeoSMS website here. Not sure I get the practicability of using this. You send a text message saying “where are you?” to your mate. Are they really going to send a message back saying “I’m at geo: 51.727272, -0.1818181″Or are they going to say “I’m at the Golf Club!”.

I think one of the potential uses is in humanitarian work. Often with MapAction we find ourselves in remote locations away from the field base and need to let them know where we are. I can see GeoSMS would be very useful for this.

Also,  the real power (which the article alludes too) lies with the mobile phone developers. Add GeoSMS standard to the phone’s OS and you’ve got a simple tracking device. I know there are lots of apps (Android and iPhone) which already geolocate you. But for my phone Samsung Jet (pile of rubbish!) there isn’t a lot out there. Perhaps GeoSMS is too late and has missed the boat. Or is it? Time will tell. What do you think?

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